Cam, top left, celebrating Pop's 90th birthday with family.

Cam taught Pop how to use an iPad when Pop was 96. Pop used it to play cards online with family, to keep on top of news regarding his favourite football team, to watch videos of his favourite musicians from long ago.

Pop's ability to "stay connected" through technology inspired Cam to help other people through Technology Connections.

Research, internationally and right here in Victoria, demonstrates the importance of remaining connected as we age.
Technology Connections' MISSION

Why Cam likes to help people with technology

My 98 year old grandfather, Pop, taught me that as we age, our lives can be greatly enriched and perhaps even prolonged by remaining connected to the people and things that are important to us. The research above supports this. 

As Pop’s mobility reduced, he increasingly relied on home technologies to remain connected to family, friends, sport, news, and entertainment – the things that mattered most to him.

Home Technologies include computers, phones, tablets, even internet-connected television, wifi and mobile phone plans.   

These things can get a bit complicated and frustrating, especially for people who were born before these technologies were in widespread use.   

That’s where I can help.  

I provide advice, help and support for retired people using home technologies to remain connected to the things that are important to them.  Whilst much of my focus is on aged and seniors, I don’t discriminate – I provide services to everyone who would like assistance.

Why choose Cam

A Bachelor of Information Technology and 30+ years of professional tech experience

Custom advice centred around your needs, wants and budget

I don't sell technology and I don't receive any commission. We discuss your needs, your wants, your budget - not the needs of technology salespeople...

A patient and capable support partner

Whilst I'm fluent in tech talk, it's not the language I speak with my valued clients. I take the time to explain things to you and break things down in terms you can understand.

All technology connections supported

Whether it's viewing or printing photos from your computer, connecting to the internet, or switching your phone or internet provider, I can help.